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    Share your emotions with cool slogans


    Share your trips with a country flag


    Share your passion with your club flag


    Get your flag and an USB cable as a set


    You are an adventurer, backpacker, traveler or only you. Imagine you are at the airport and looking to all the other passengers. You ask yourself “where are they from, where they want to go”, “what are they doing for living or what club do they support”, “is she or he single or in love”?

    And now imagine that you have at any cable, headphone, powerbank, notebook or whatever, a flag, a flag which symbolizes where you’ve stayed, what you are experienced. Show someone else your favorite country, your favorite club or your life motto. A flag which makes curious and looking for a conversation. A flag which establishs new connections. Our flags are a symbol, a call for communication. We want to establish communication between people and arouse curiosity and sympathy. Show other people what are you interested in, what moves you. Show it with a flag. Our idea, our history of “hi it’s me” was born indeed at an airport. Now tell us yours!

    We build a bridge and say “hi it’s me”

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