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Set „Fussballfan“ - green - incl. USB Cable - limited

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Show the world who you are, what do you have experienced, what moves you, what do you like. Your „hi it's me” flag is a symbol, a message and a statement, it creates connections between you and other people. Conversations start with flags, interests will be shared and create new friendships. The „hi it's me” flag is available in different designs. And many designs will follow. Which ones are yours?

Share your trip, share your emotions, share your life.

Properties USB Cable

  • Data cable Duo MicroUSB, USB-C
  • Length: 1,25m
  • Braided nylon cable
  • Color: Black
  • Tested quality

Properties Flag

  • cable flag, self-adhesive
  • pre-cut
  • mat
  • water and fat impermeable
  • tear-resistant
  • rounded corners
  • 150 mm x 70 mm
  • Recommended for all kinds of cables and cords for a maximum diameter of 3 mm (e.g. headphone, charge cable, backpack cords etc.)
  • Colors of the illustrations on our website can differ from the original flag

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